LDS Mission Training Center [MTC]

Information on the MTC may be found at

What to expect your first day at the MTC:
- Arrive with your family (on a Wednesday)
- Get your power dot (aka dork dot – you really are not a dork, just new)
- Attend a brief presentation about the MTC and Mission life
- You walk out one door, your family walks out the other.
- You are assigned a building and room to stay in
- You are assigned a companion, district, teacher, classes, mailbox and more.
- Then you go eat.

Daily life in the MTC:
- Wake up and get ready
- Meetings
- Eat
- Meetings
- Eat
- Meetings
- Eat
- Meetings
- Go to bed do the same thing the next day.

Other information about the MTC.
Everybody at the MTC from the leaders, to the instructors, to the missionaries are happy to help you. You will make friends in a hurry. You will also find people willing to go out of their way to help you gain feel accepted.

You are given a companion in the MTC. You share the same dorm room, you attend the same classes and you eat together. This is your first real opportunity to experience real missionary life.

Every missionary has 3 classes a day (except on Sundays and preparation days). In these classes you receive language training if necessary. You learn to study the scriptures, proselytize and preach the gospel. Sometimes it is hard to stay focused when you are not accustom to studying so much. Do your best to keep laughter to a minimum so you are able to feel the spirit and maximize the learning process.

You will never eat more that you do as a missionary in the MTC. There is a broad selection of food, drinks and deserts. The cafeteria is a common place for missionaries to practice being a missionary and also practice the language they are learning. They may not be fluent, but they are enthusiastic to learn and practice.

Missionaries are given a preparation day or p-day at the MTC. This time allows you to do your laundry, visit the temple, exercise, get a haircut and write home. You may also have some light duties you are responsible for including cleaning.

Missionaries going on a foreign speaking mission will have a culture night at some point during their stay.

Don’t forget to get a picture of yourself pointing to the location of your call on the big map in the main building.
Don’t forget to get a picture of yourself standing in front of the tall painting of the savior in the main building.

The MTC will be full of friends and memories you will cherish. However, chances are, at the end of your mission you will look back at your time in the MTC and realize just how much you have grown.

It is a fun time. Enjoy it!

Singing in the MTC
Missionaries sing enthusiastically. If you feel inspired, join the choir. Quite frequently missionaries at the Provo MTC are invited to sing during General Conference.

Why do missionaries sing so enthusiastically? You feel the spirit when you sing! I encourage everyone to join whether they can sing or not.

One fond memory I have from the mission was singing in the bathroom in our dorm. In the evening all the missionaries would gather in there to sing just before lights out because the acoustics were so good it made us sound much better than we really were.

Where are all the MTC?
There are 15 MTC’s around the world (as of 2012) The Church has a great website with information on all the MTC HERE

Argentina – Buenos Aires
Brazil – São Paulo
Chile – Santiago
Colombia – Bogota
Dominican Republic – Santo Domingo
England – Preston
Ghana – Accra
Guatemala – Guatemala City
Mexico – Mexico City
New Zealand – Auckland
Peru – Lima
Philippines – Manila
South Africa – Johannesburg
Spain – Madrid
United States – Provo

The schedule and format of the MTC should be very similar at each MTC. However, the things the missionaries do at each MTC may vary. Don’t forget to write your experiences in your journal. The will be great memories.